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Video Surveillance Lightning Protection PA NJ DE MD Northeast Remote Surveillance and alarm, LLC provides surge protection solutions for video surveillance systems and other security installations. Do summer storms cause problems with your security systems? Chances are NRSEC has the solutions to your ongoing problems. From our 25 Years of experience. We can say we have very few problems on new buildings designed for modern technologies. Most power surge and lightning issues occur at older facilities with legacy electrical systems.

Lightning and Surge Protection is seldom discussed until re-occurring problems become a financial burden on the customer. Lightning and power surge are considered quite mysterious buy many and the issues they cause may vary. We are not lightning and power surge experts but we can assure you that ignoring the problem is not the best option. Older structures with legacy wiring and electrical systems tend to see more problems. Additional concerns are created with underground security system wiring and copper connections between buildings. Fiber optics is recommended in applications where underground and building to build connections are required. Fiber Conducts Light Transfer for Data Transmission and isolates the connections from electrical charges and power surge.

Video Surveillance Lightning Protection PA NJ DE MD Our team has experience in wireless installations in some of the toughest environments including municipal water tanks, communications towers, roof tops and other high risk areas. NRSEC wireless video surveillance systems utilize professional grade wireless networking components to build a private secure network for both video surveillance transmission including phone and data. We know what it takes to protect your expensive video surveillance equipment.

Although nothing is considered lighting proof, installation procedures can eliminate and reduce storm damages for nearly anything accept near and direct hits.

From our experience power surge can come from many sources including your electrical service, ISP (Internet Service Providers), plumbing and static charges. Video Surveillance Lightning Protection PA NJ DE MD  include battery backup/surge protectors, coaxial wire surge devices, CAT 5/6 surge protection devices. The most important thing to remember is reusable devices that offer surge protection require a proper grounding system to bleed off the excess power.

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What does Camera Resolution mean?

Resolution is a measurement unit of the camera's clarity. A cameras resolution is determined by the number of horizontal video lines (320~600 lines) that the camera needs in order to reproduce the desired image. The higher the resolution number, the sharper the image will be. CCTV resolution is measured in vertical and horizontal pixel dimensions and typically limited by the capabilities of both the camera and the recording format that you are using for your CCTV surveillance installation.

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