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Local Video Surveillance and Security Installation and Repair

Best rated Local Video Surveillance and Security Company. Are you searching for Local Video Surveillance and Security Companies? Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC unlike most security companies is a Industrial, Commercial, Municipal security company who provides local security services for upscale home and business owners in the Lehigh Valley to include Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Lansdale, Quakertown, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia to include the Mainline and Philadelphia Suburbs. Are you a discerning home owner looking for the expertise of a company who has experience with commercial equipment and you expect commercial grade results? NRSEC is your security company. Finally a Local Video Surveillance and Security Company with the experience you would expect from a security company who provides services for your local police departments. We do not guess what you need are engineered security systems are designed just like we do for your local law enforcement officers and detectives.

At NRSEC We do not install wireless camera systems with mickey mouse wall adapters all of our equipment is semi-permanently installed on a battery back-up system with recorders hidden. Did you know when a burglar enters your home or business with cameras they 1st look for a video recorder?

Our Local Video Surveillance and Security Company installations include a 3 year warranty on parts labor and installation. Beware of the low cost installations with little or no warranty.

NRSEC provides video surveillance, access control and alarm systems for customers of any size.

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What is Video Standard?

Different areas of the world use different video standards. North America uses NTSC, Europe uses PAL and SECAM, South America uses PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL and NTSC. Almost every area of the world has a mixture of video standards. If your CCTV/recorder/camcorder support multi-systems, you can use either PAL or NTSC camera. With a multi-system video recording format, you expect an PAL tape to be reproduced as a standard digital PAL signal, and the same machine if fed with a NTSC tape will reproduce it as a standard digital NTSC signal. A multi-system interface recorder can also be expected to make a perfectly normal PAL recording of an PAL input signal, and a perfectly normal NTSC recording of a NTSC input signal. A NRSEC representative can provide professional advice in selecting the correct Surveillance security camera.

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