Video surveillance systems, including exterior and interior cameras can help protect your employees, your property and your assets. Our security consultants will work with you to provide the best surveillance system for your situation and needs.

A video surveillance system from NRSEC is capable of much more than passively recording events as they occur. Employing the latest advances in technology, our video systems can take proactive action to reduce risk and prevent crime. For instance, an "intelligent" video system can be programmed to

detect suspicious activity on your premises after hours and alert our central monitoring center to investigate and, if necessary, contact the authorities. A well-designed video surveillance system is an integral part of any complete business security system.

NRSEC's security system designers will "Brain Storm" with you and your management team to develop a custom integrated security system plan designed for the immediate and future needs of your facility. Together we can improve your facilities security, efficiency, while reducing accidents, downtime and most importantly improving profits for 2014 and beyond. There is no obligation, of course, and certainly no pressure, but, together, we may be able to come up with the perfect management tool for your facility. We approach all projects with a can do attitude, we have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to deploy security cameras where they benefit your operation most.

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