Leigh High Valley Camera Installation provides integrated security solutions with offices in Philadelphia and The Greater Lehigh Valley, we understand the commercial security and surveillance camera system installation needs of each market we serve and customize our product offering accordingly. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible commercial security solutions using non-proprietary commercial security products from the industry leaders.

NRSEC and Alarm, LLC is a expert installer of Pennsylvania Security Cameras networking consisting

of multipoint to point, point to point, surveillance systems. Communications is the back bone for any high tech security integration involving multiply locations on a large property. Leigh High Valley Camera Installation and Alarm, LLC has the experience to design and create wireless networks to handle all your security, video and digital video needs.

Pennsylvania Security Cameras are our specialty and we offer anything from a single camera CCTV monitoring system to Town Camera Systems. We specialize in providing custom built PC based recording solutions on storage medium to fulfill your needs. Many of our competitors find it easier to provide generic "off the shelf" options but our program has proven to provide the best overall value and lowest cost of ownership. Our premium interface solutions allow us to log in see your monitor screen to help you when a question arises.

NRSEC is dedicated to providing top quality networking security services and support to its clients. Our company specializes in designing and building intelligent security solutions for both public and privately owned companies, healthcare organizations, educational facilities, and government agencies.  With our strong technical background, understanding of networking and intelligent security solutions it enables us to build sophisticated surveillance applications that are available anytime and from anywhere.

Our experienced, professionally trained, service staff ensures continued quality performance throughout the life of the security equipment, offering the lowest cost of ownership available. We are not driven by high pressure commissioned sales people, we believe in long term business relationships built on results, reliability and outstanding service.

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