Nothing thwarts a thief like a security camera. Security systems that use alarms are effective for preventing security breaches, but camera systems go a step further by recording video of the goings-on around the premises to divert and capture questionable or illicit activities.

A Surveillance security system closes gaps in traditional, alarm-based security systems. Using strategically placed cameras to record video footage, camera systems can capture not only intruders, but also internal breaches. More importantly, such Video Surveillance Systems

discourage undesirable behavior, such as employee theft.

Security System Integration Pa has a dedicated security team of field technicians,

sales personnel, engineers and administrative support staff that work together seamlessly to

ensure that our clients are kept abreast on all aspects of their projects and those projects

are completed within all established timeframes. To make certain that our clients are

receiving outstanding support and service, our team is researching a broad range of

security solutions and receive continued training throughout the year.

Remember, nobody wants to be caught on tape! With a security camera system, you’ll feel more safe and secure than ever. Your can depend on NRSEC.